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Intimate Mountain Wedding at the Base of the Wellsville Mountains


I had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful and intimate mountain wedding in Mendon Utah this last fall. The grooms are both dear friends of mine so it was that much more special that they wanted me to capture their special day.

a reception welcome sign made of brown wood leaning against a post

a signed guest book sitting on the table

a floral arrangement on the table that includes white, red, purple, and pink flowers

The details from this day were to die for! They perfectly captured the rustic mountain wedding vibe but also played into the sub-theme of rainbow.


The food was provided by Lucky Slice Pizza located in Logan UT and a local bartender was the mixologist for the night.

a buffet style food layout with a charcuterie tray in the foreground and  pizza in the background
a charcuterie tray that includes olives, multiple types of cheeses, and meat

three rows of half full champagne flutes lined up for people to toast with

a chalkboard that details the cocktail menu. Including a strawberry lemon drop, basil cucumber refresher, violet martini, wines, and blue moon as drink options. In the background the bartender is making drinks.


The whole wedding party had a sense of elegance with the main color being black with a splash of rainbow as the accessory.

the groom in a gray suit and black cape is fixing his left shirt sleeve
the groom in a black suit with a gray cape is fixing his shirt right shirt sleeve

the best man and man of honor pose together and point at eachother while smiling at the camera. the man of honor is in a blue suit with a rainbow tie, and the best man in dressed in a black button down shirt and black pants with a rainbow tie


The grooms stand next to eachother in a lush green feild while holding hands. They both are smiling at the camera

The grooms embrace at the end of the aisle after the ceremony is over
a group of five individuals stand around a red chair with a man seated in it while another man stands back and catches a photo of them all on a cellphone

e other in a black suit is leaning against the chair and looking away.

The reception space was gorgeous, playing off the natural landscape of the mountains in the background.


The night ended in a bang when a massive rainstorm came in. Everyone decided to make lemonade from lemons and had an impromptu dance party in the down pour.

Girl in black dress yells toward the sky in the rain while holding her hands out

Man in white shirt and rainbow tie dances in the rain with others behind him

Girl in plaid dress and girl in black dress are wet from dancing in the rain and are attempting to find cover

guy in a blue shit holds a girl by the hips and lifts her up. both of them are wet from dancing in the rain

a group of people all hold their hands up to the sky during a rain storm when the sun comes out

girl in black dress is wet from dancing in the rain and is dancing to rasputin

a girl in a plaid blue dress whirls it around herself
two men hold chairs up to push the roof of a tent up and dump the excess water off

a group of close friends pose for a photo with the grooms in the center. Almost everyone is wet from dancing in the rain

This was an absolutely gorgeous wedding that had a major weather event. Rather than let that ruin the special day, Thomas and Jaxon made the most of it and created the memory of a lifetime!


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