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Rachael Shine

I was born in Kanab UT and lived there until I was 5. After that my family relocated for work to Cache Valley, where I still reside. I recently graduated with my associates degree in health sciences from Weber State University. I currently work a full time job. Fun fact, I have both heterochromia and Waardenburg's syndrome.

​During high school I began taking photography classes and started to fall in love. For my junior and senior years I spent a good amount of time in the Advanced placement art class that my school offered. While there I learned a variety of techniques to better my skills. Currently I study other artists work for inspiration. After having countless friends and family members come to me for photos and allowing me to use them as guinea pigs, I decided to make this into something bigger.

During your photos I am there for you! If you need a phone holder, hair-fixer, or even a friend then I am your girl! I will do everything in my power to make your experience as easy and pain-free as possible.

My pride and joy is my camera, I shoot with a Canon 5D mark IV to make sure each image is not only secure, but the best it can be. It also allows me to get down in the dirt and get the best shots without risking my equipment or your memories.

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